Unreturned Juror questionaires

Every year in April the county puts out Juror questionaires.  These questionaires must be filled out and sent back to the Dickinson County Clerks office within 10 days.  The questionaire will then be reviewed by the Jury board.  You will be disqualified, or qualified to be a juror due to the quesionaire. When you are qualified you are put on the list of jurors that are picked randomly to serve on juries throughout the year.  The time you are on this juror list runs from August to September (for one year), in which time you are qualified or disqualified to serve the next year.

What if I don't want to serve on a jury?
Please note, if you are qualified to serve on a juror board and feel you cannot serve, you will have an opportunity to state that in court if you get called to serve. 

What If I don't return my questionaire?
If you do not return your questionaire, your name is put on a list and sent to the judge for review as to consequences. 

The following link will give you a list of all unreturned juror questionaires. 

2019/2020 unreturned questionnaires

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