County Clerk


County Clerk:
Dolly Cook - Clerk

Brenda Buchner - Deputy Clerk
Register of Deeds:

Nanette Jackson

Shannon Juneau

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As of January 1st 2017 copies of birth and death certificates will be $20 for the 1st copy and $15 for each additional per person.
Birth Certificates Death Certificates
Marriage Licenses  
Notaries Public Assumed Name / DBAs
Military Discharge Papers (DD214) Personal Protection Orders (PPOs)
Concealed Weapons' Licenses Divorces
Criminal Cases Civil Cases

The County Clerk/Register of Deeds is an elected position with 4-year terms.  The Dickinson County Clerk's Office and Register of Deeds are under the leadership of Dolly L. Cook.  Dolly (Ms. Cook) was first elected Dickinson County Clerk & Register of Deeds in 1990.   

By Michigan statute, the County Clerk is the 'keeper of records' for the citizens of Dickinson County.  The County Clerk is responsible for the recording, maintenance and preservation of all Dickinson County vital records from 1891 to the present.  

In addition to recording, maintaining and preserving the vital records of Dickinson County, the County Clerk also oversees County Payroll and Accounts Payable, and is responsible for processing and maintaining voter registration records.

The County Clerk also serves as:

Register of Deeds


Clerk--Board of Commissioners

Clerk--Board of Canvassers

Clerk--41st Circuit/Family Court

Clerk--Plat Board

Administrator of Elections

Clerk--Reapportionment Board

Clerk--County Election Comm.     

Clerk--Special Elec. Scheduling Comm.


Clerk--Probate Court


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