Concealed Pistol License

Concealed Pistol License information and applications are available
online or can be picked up at the Dickinson County Clerk’s office.

Please review the included
requirements to ensure that you’re eligible to apply for a concealed pistol license (the fee is non-refundable).  Once you’ve verified your eligibility, you must complete the Concealed Pistol License applicationand submit it to the County Clerk’s office. 

Applications must be signed in front of the County Clerk.  
 You will need:
  • Completed application (unsigned),
  • Training certificate  
  • One passport quality photo
    • 2x2 inches in size
    • Taken within the past 6 months, showing current appearance
    • Color
    • Full face, front view with a plain white or off-white background
    • Between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head
    • Taken in normal street attire
    • Uniforms should not be worn in photographs except religious attire that is worn daily.
    • Do not wear a hat or headgear that obscures the hair or hairline.
    • If you normally wear prescription glasses, a hearing device, wig or similar articles, they should be worn for your picture.
    • Dark glasses or nonprescription glasses with tinted lenses are not acceptable unless you need them for medical reasons. A medical certificate may be required.
    • Passport photos are available at the Clerk´s office while you wait for $15.
  • Fee--$105.  Methods of payment accepted:
    • Cash,
    • Local Dickinson County check (no out of county checks),
    • Money order,
    • Mastercard/Visa. 

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Once you’ve completed the requirements above, you will be sent to the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office to be fingerprinted.  You will usually be issued your license in 4-6 weeks.  Concealed Pistol Licenses are good for 5 years.

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