Friend of the Court


Contact Information:
PO Box 725
300 East D Street.
Iron Mountain, MI 49801

Michigan law created the Friend of the Court system in 1919. At least one friend of the court office serves each circuit court's family division. The Friend of the Court was established to "protect dependant minor children and to compel enforcement of chancery decrees where there are minor children in divorce cases, who are liable to become public charges and are not properly cared for by their custodians, and to enforce the payment of amounts decreed them in a court of chancery, and to enforce all interlocutory and decretal orders."

Department Employees:
Heidi M. Van Slooten, Friend of the Court
Kim Ketcham, Child Support Investigator
Celeste Calo, Child Support Investigator/ Paternity
Natalie Lindeman- Department Assistant
Establishment Investigator
 Child Support Investigator

The office of the Friend of the Court was created in 1919 as part of the family division of the circuit court. The Friend of the Court serves as the "eyes and ears" of the circuit court family division judges. The office provides assistance to the court in matters that the court cannot exercise personal supervision over, and to furnish the court with recommendations related to domestic relations matters such as custody, parenting time and support. The person who makes the ultimate decision in any domestic relations action is the circuit court judge or family division judge to whom the case is assigned
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