Veterans Discharge DD214


Veterans’ discharge papers (DD214)

Discharge papers are available at the County Clerk’s Office ONLY if the veteran filed the DD214 with the Clerk following his/her discharge. 

Who can request this record?
DD214s are confidential and are only available to:

  • the Veteran named on record
  • the Next-of-Kin of a deceased veteran
    • Next-of-Kin- the widow(er), child, parent, or sibling of the deceased must supply proof of veteran’s death (i.e. death certificate / obituary) and proof of relationship to the veteran (i.e. birth certificates, marriage license, etc)
  • Government agencies providing veterans’ benefits

How are requests made?
Requests for certified copies of a DD214 can be made in person, by mail or via fax. 

What is needed for application?

  • Full Name of Veteran
  • Year of Discharge or Year Document was Recorded
  • Signature of Requestor
  • Photo ID of requestor (or photocopy for mail and fax requests)
  • Proof of Kin-ship, if applicable (see Above) 
Application can be downloaded HERE. 

Locations to bring/send/fax the request?

Requests can be made in person at:
County Clerk’s Office
705 S. Stephenson Ave.
Iron Mountain, MI 49801
Requests by mail can be sent to:
County Clerk’s Office
P.O. Box 609
Iron Mountain, MI 49801
Requests can be faxed to:
(906) 774-4660

How much does this record cost?
There is no charge for copies of DD214.