Recording Documents


   Recording Requirements: 

1. The name of each person purporting to execute the instrument must be legibly printed, typewritten, or stamped beneath the original signature or mark of the person.  MCL 505 201 Sec. 1(a)(c)
2. A discrepancy must not exist between the name of each person as printed, typewritten, or stamped beneath their signature and the name as recited in the acknowledgment or juror on the Instrument. MCL 565 201 Sec. 1(b)
3. Instruments conveying or mortgaging any interest in real estate shall state the marital status of any male grantor. MCL 565 221 (Note: marital status is designated by the terms married or single)
4. The address of each of the grantors must be printed in each deed of conveyance or assignment of real estate, including the street number address if located within territory where street number addresses are in common use, or, if not, the post office address, is legibly printed, typewritten or stamped on the instrument. MCL 565 201 Sec. 1(d)
5. The name and address of the person who drafted the document must appear on documents executed in Michigan. MCL 565 201a, 565 203
6. Documents purporting to convey or encumber real estate executed in Michigan must be acknowledged by a judge, clerk of the court of record or by a notary public. MCL 565.8. 565 47.
7. A certified copy of the death certificate or proof of death must be recorded when the instrument of conveyance states "survivor" in the grantor's section. MCL 565.48
8. Court orders must be certified and sealed by the clerk of the court to be eligible for recording. MCL 565 401, 565 411.
9. The document submitted for recording must be legible. MCL 565 201 Sec 1(f)(m)
10. Documents must have a margin of unprinted space at least 2 1/2 inches at the top of the first page and at least 1/2 on all remaining sides of each page. MCL 565 201, Sec. 1(e)(m), Sec.1(f)(i)
11. Documents must display on the first line of print on the first page a single statement identifying the single recordable event that the instrument evidences. MCL 565 201 Sec. 1(f)(m), 565 201 Sec.3
12. The type on the form must be printed with black ink, type size at least 10-point type.  MCL 565 201 Sec. 1(f)(w)()
13. The paper on which the document is printed must be white and not less than 20- pound weight.  MCL 5565 201, Sec 1(e)() Sec.1(f)()
14. The size of the document and any attachment thereto must be at least 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches at most 8 1/2 by 14 inches. MCL 565 201 Sec. 1(e)(n), (f)(v)(w)
  • Only original documents can be recorded.
  • Processing Time:  Documents are usually recorded within 3 business days of receipt.
  • Unless a proper exemption is noted, transfer tax must be paid at the time of recording for all documents that transfer an interest in property.
  • Documents can be recorded in person or by mail

Recording fees:
   Effective OCTOBER 1, 2016 in the State of Michigan

  • Regardless of the number of pages, all documents will cost $30 to record, this cost is inclusive of Mich. remonumentation and Register of Deeds Automation fees. 
  •  For a document that assigns or discharges more than 1 instrument $3.00 for each instrument assigned or discharged (in addition to the $30 flat fee) 
  • To certify a recorded document $5.00, copies remain at $1 per page and search fees remain at 50 cents for each year searched with a minimum of $5.00- excepting tract index searches, contact your local register
  • Warranty deeds and land contracts require an additional $5 for certification by the Treasurer.
  • The transfer tax rates for Deeds & Easements with consideration of $100 or more are computed at:
           $1.10 per $1,000 for Dickinson County, and $7.50 per $1,000 for the State of Michigan.
  • UCC/Fixture Filing:  $30.00 Flat Fee  
             non-standard form charge:  additional $7.00 per form.